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What people have to say about this site:

Thanks for the file and for your fine website.
30/04/2006 - Dave

You have a interesting
website. Keep on doing the good work.
24/02/2006 - Philip

This page is also not quite up to date. Fruit, Glaurung and Scorpio are not mentioned, as far as I can see. Of course there are also dozens of weaker engines missing, but most of these are probably not very interesting.
20/08/2005 - T.

Edit: Thanks for the comment, I added them...

First, I would like to say that I appreciate the work that you are doing to facilitate the upleveling of the quality of computer chess play. And, I VERY much appreciate that you are working on the Macintosh platform.
31/05/2005 - Pi

Un petit salut du Québec! J'ai visite ton site web: excellent! Enfin un passionné des échecs sur Mac
03/09/2004 - Philippe

I've found your web site original and quite interesting
 31/07/2004 - Denis

It is interesting to finally see a page about chess engines available for the mac.
 18/05/2004 - Jeff

Nice site btw :)
17/05/2004 - Joshua

pas mal de tous. Very interesting stuff indeed, please keep it updated.
14/05/2004 - Andreas

as a MacOS chess enthusiast, I'm happy to see your new web site.
13/05/2004 - name withheld

Press releases

Following press releases were made about this site:

14/05/2004 - news: fr.rec.jeux.echecs

Nouveau site sur les Echecs sur la pomme

Le site est en Anglais, mais je ne suis pas contre la traduction. Si qqn veut faire la traduction, il/elle est bienvenu.

13/05/2004 -

New dedicated Mac chess site

Sorry about spamming this newsgroup. But it is chess related and it answers some questsions that are asked from time to time in this newsgroup.

I intend to complete it with some information about compiling and running Xboard applications and with other information that could be useful for most users.

Hope it helps some people,