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Updated on : 20/02/2021
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Mac OS 7-9

Most sites on Mac chess handle these.  I just listed below the programs you can use for this. Please refer to the links page for more information where to find them.

  • MacChess. (Not Mac Chess 2.0 and not related to this site!) A free chess application. Amateur strength.
  • Sigma chess lite. (Os 8.6 and up) Amateur strength. Supports replacable engines.
  • Sigma chess pro. (Os 8.6 and up) A commercial (15€) chess application. Integrated games collections. Master strength. Supports replacable engines.
  • ExaChess Lite. A free chess application with demo database functions. Allows support for external chess engines. Amateur strength but upgradable through the use of additional free engines.
  • ExaChess Pro. A commercial (100 €) application with integrated database functions. Same as the lite but with bigger database and opening books.
  • Vanessa. Freeware chess application that also supports HTML export. Amateur strength.
  • RChess. Freeware chess application.
  • GNUChess 4.0. Freeware command line chess application. Downloadable from the download folder.
  • Crafty 16.1 Freeware command line chess application. Downloadable from the download folder.

The following are not chess applications to play against the computer but to play against other partners.

  • ChessWorks. A helper application to play a game against another partner using the same software.
  • Fixation. A helper application to run on FICS (free internet chess server) and other internet chess servers. Free.