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Updated on : 04/01/2022
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Internet / PC

A few solutions listed below will certainly work from Unix or Linux machines.

Internet - through application:

Please refer to the downloads page for more information where to find them. Below you will also find a list with links to web-sites.

Internet - through a browser:

Normally, the operating system one is using is not important. However, sometimes things do not work as expected. Therefor this table should guide you.

Site Address Safari Mozilla family Chrome family
GameKnot OK OK OK
lichess Lichess OK OK OK OK OK OK
Jester OK ? OK


Local Network - through application:

These solutions stand or fall with the availability of other players. Where the FICS servers constantly have more than 100 players online, the private chess servers do not have many players online. With point to point connections, you will have the burden of difficult opponent finding.