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Updated on : 04/01/2022
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Downloads & Links

Name Description
belofte-2.1.5, belofte-2.x.x Self-written program. Source code is available on sourceforge .
Mac OS X application. 2.1.5 (64bit), 2.1.5 (32 bit)
Linux binary. 2.1.5 (64bit), 2.1.5 (32 bit)
Windows executable. 2.1.5 (64bit), 2.1.5 (32 bit)
Android package 2.1.1 (32+64 bit & ARM+x86)
Mac OS X application. 0.9.0 (64bit)
Linux binary. 0.2.7 (64bit), 0.2.8 (64bit), 0.9.0 (64bit), 0.9.8 (64bit) 0.9.12 (64bit)
Windows executable. 0.2.7 (32bit), 0.2.8 (32bit), 0.9.0 (32bit), 0.9.3 (64bit) (32 bit needs cygwin dll)
Hp Unix version 0.2.8
Solaris 10 version 0.2.8

Download other programs

Name Description
Stockfish 14.1 mac Stockfish 14.1 bmi2 linux Stockfish binary (and source code) for macOS and linux.
Crafty_16.1_YDE.sit Mac OS 7-9 or Mac OS X classic command line version of Crafty. Attention, this is not an official Crafty distribution. Contains source code and the Codewarrior project file so you can easily recompile.
GCM40b6k2.sit Mac OS 7-9 or Mac OS X classic command line version of GNU Chess 4.0. Beta distribution of Dan Oetting. No source code included.
crafty-19.17.tgz Mac OS X binaries optimized for dual processor and for G4 or G5 processor. Does not run on earlier processors. To use the second processor, add the -smpmt=2 parameter.


A Mac OS X compilation of this program. Original package but with windows and linux binaries removed and Mac OS X binary added.
engines.json Configuration file for cutechess-cli. Tested with version 1.1 and 1.2 Zip file with some example scripts.
tournament.command Tournament script. How to use Xboard to run tournaments against each other. I strongly recommend to use Arena or Cutechess as they provide more features.
FourInst.exe Windows 32 bit installer package for connect 4.
Strategic-Games-V1.2.EXE Windows 32 bit installer package for strategic games. Contains different games and different search algorithms.
PrjChess.exe Windows 32 bit chess (portable) program with UI.

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Disclamer: some of the programs in the download folder have been recompiled or modified by me. If the original author of the program has any objection with it, or wants to provide a dirct download link to a newer version instead and remove the version listed here, please drop me a note and I will update the information asap. macchess at

Links to programs

Name Link Works
BanksiaGUI X
Computer chess
engines (*) ... :chess_engine_list#releases n.a.
Belofte (*) X, X11, Terminal(X)
Apple chess X
Apple X11 X11 X (10.1 till 10.7)
Apple XQuartz (*) Wikipedia XQuartz X (10.3 till 10.9+)
MacChess 7 till classic
GNU Chess (*) all systems
Sigma chess 9, X
Vector 3 (**) X
Vanessa (**) 8.6 till 9.2
Jose chess database X (10.3 and up)
Big bang chess X (10.3 and up)
Chess browser X
Chessic (**) X (10.1 and up)
ExaChess 8.6 till X
ChessWorks 8.6 till X
Crafty 14.11B (**) Terminal(X)
Crafty 18.08 (*) Terminal(X)
Chessmaster (**) X
Fixation (**) 7.6 till X
Jin X
j2chess X
Gridlock (**) X (10.2 and up)
Scid X, X11
Hiarcs (**) X, Terminal(X)
Freeverse (**)
XBoard (*) Apple X11

*: These programs are not intended for regular end-users. A lot of computer knowledge is required in order to get them running.

**: These programs are no longer available.

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