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Updated on : 20/02/2021
Version 1.51
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Please find a description on this page for the different downloads available from this site. Below you will find a link to the download folder where each of the individual programmes can be downloaded. If you cannot find the software here, you might need to look to the links page.

belofte-0.2.7, belofte-0.2.8, belofte-0.9.0, belofte-0.9.3, belofte-0.9.8

Please read the license conditions before downloading.
Self-written program. Source code is available on sourceforge. See links.
Mac OS X application. 0.9.0 (64bit)
Linux binary.
0.2.7 (64bit), 0.2.8 (64bit), 0.9.0 (64bit), 0.9.8 (64bit) 0.9.12 (64bit)
Windows executable.
0.2.7 (32bit), 0.2.8 (32bit), 0.9.0 (32bit), 0.9.3 (64bit) (32 bit needs cygwin dll)
Hp Unix version
Solaris 10 version
engines.json file Configuration file for cutechess-cli. Tested with version 1.1. Zip file with some example scripts.
tournament.command Tournament script. How to use Xboard to run tournaments against each other. I strongly recommend to use Arena or Cutechess as they provide more features.

Right click and select download as:

XBoard executable download with some startscripts and an included Crafty engine. You need X11 on your system in order to run. You must also run from the command line. Following instructions will help you:
Unstuff by double-clicking on the downloaded file, mount image, create folder named chess on your disk and copy the content of te image in this folder, open terminal,
type cd /chess
type ./x11.command
type ./startchess.command

Other programs

Crafty_16.1_YDE.sit Mac OS 7-9 or Mac OS X classic command line version of Crafty. Attention, this is not an official Crafty distribution. Contains source code and the Codewarrior project file so you can easily recompile.
GCM40b6k2.sit Mac OS 7-9 or Mac OS X classic command line version of GNU Chess 4.0. Beta distribution of Dan Oetting. No source code included.
crafty-19.17.tgz Mac OS X binaries optimized for dual processor and for G4 or G5 processor. Does not run on earlier processors. To use the second processor, add the -smpmt=2 parameter.


A Mac OS X compilation of this program. Original package but with windows and linux binaries removed and Mac OS X binary added.
FourInst.exe Windows 32 bit installer package for connect 4.
Strategic-Games-V1.2.EXE Windows 32 bit installer package for strategic games. Contains different games and different search algorithms.
PrjChess.exe Windows 32 bit chess program with UI.

Go to the downloads folder...

Disclamer: some of the programs in the download folder have been recompiled or modified by me. If the original author of the program has any objection with it, or wants to provide a dirct download link to a newer version instead and remove the version listed here, please drop me a note and I will update the information asap.

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