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Updated on : 04/01/2022
Version 1.58
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Mac OS X Java

As of Mac OS X, Java has been embedded in the OS. As a result, running Java applications has become very easy.

All java based applications have been listed in the Mac OS X native section. Below I give an overview however which programs have been developed with Java.

Please refer to the downloads page for more information where to find them.

Jose Tips

In order to start Jose prior to version 1.3.5 when you have a local MySQL database running, please shutdown the database first. This can be done with following instructions (assuming you do have installed mysql in the path indicated and have set a root sql user with the name root and the password rootsqlpassword) :

cd /usr/local/mysql/bin/
./mysqladmin -uroot -prootsqlpassword shutdown

You can add additional engines in Jose. The current engines can be found in the package. Instead of doubl-clicking the package file, right click it and select 'view package content' from the menu.