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Updated on : 20/02/2021
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Mac OS X Java

As of Mac OS X, Java has been embedded in the OS. As a result, running Java applications has become very easy.

All java based applications have been listed in the Mac OS X native section. Below I give an overview however which programs have been developed with Java.

Please refer to the links page for more information where to find them.

  • Jose. A chess database. (see review)
  • Jin. A FICS interface. Allows you to connect to a Free Internet Chess Server.
  • j2chess. A chess program and a pgn reader/player.


In order to start Jose prior to version 1.3.5 when you have a local MySQL database running, please shutdown the database first. This can be done with following instructions (assuming you do have installed mysql in the path indicated and have set a root sql user with the name root and the password rootsqlpassword) :

cd /usr/local/mysql/bin/
./mysqladmin -uroot -prootsqlpassword shutdown

You can add additional engines in Jose. The current engines can be found in the package. Instead of doubl-clicking the package file, right click it and select 'view package content' from the menu.