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Updated on : 20/02/2021
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Mac OS X - classic

Following programmes run on Mac OS X but require the classic environment. Please refer to the links page for more information where to find them. This list does not include the versions that run natively on Mac OS X. When there are 2 versions of the program available, one for classic and one for the native OS X environment, please use the OS X aqua version instead.

  • MacChess. (Not Mac Chess 2.0!) A chess application. Amateur strength. Free.
  • ExaChess Lite. A free chess application with demo database functions. Allows support for external chess engines. Amateur strength but upgradable through the use of additional free engines.
  • ExaChess Pro. A commercial application (100 €) with integrated database functions. Same as the lite but with bigger database and opening books.
  • Vanessa. Freeware chess application that also supports HTML export. Amateur strength.

The following are not chess applications to play against the computer but to play against other partners.

  • ChessWorks. A helper application to play a game against another partner using the same software.
  • Fixation. A helper application to run on FICS (free internet chess server) and other internet chess servers. Free.