Belofte - License Terms

This file references belofte version 0.9.8.


Belofte is a promising chess program. Belofte is a Flemish word that can be translated as 'a Promise' or 'someone with potential'. In this context, the latter is the intended meaning. The most correct translation would be 'A promising chess program'. It is pronounced as 'b-euh-loft-euh'.

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License terms

The program and its source code falls under the GNU GPL Version 2, June 1991. The license terms can be found in a separate file. Each copy of the program should be distributed with this license file included.

Belofte is owned by Yves De Billoëz.

People have contributed in various ways, by providing binaries, making suggestions, providing advice, etc...


No part of this license can be changed in any circumstance. Any dispute over the license terms should be handled on Belgian territory according to Belgian law.


There is no warranty for the use of the program. The author or the distributor cannot be held responsible in any case for the use or the inability of the use of the program. Neither can any claim be expressed for damages caused by the use of the program.

Other license terms

This package also contains a binary cutechess-cli. Please refer to the cutechess licence terms. Please type
./cutechess-cli --version for more information.

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