Belofte  version 2.1.5
A promising chess program using the UCI or Winboard interface

License information, warranty and credits

This is the file for belofte, a promising chess program released under GNU - GPL v2.0. For other information, please refer to the about belofte file.


The program and its source code falls under the GNU GPL Version 2, June 1991. The license terms can be found in a the GPL file. Each copy of the program should be distributed with this document and the license file included.

  • Belofte is owned by Yves De Billoëz and can be distributed freely as long as the above license terms are respected;
  • Belofte cannot be sold, and must be redistributed freely;
  • People have contributed in various ways, by providing binaries, making suggestions, providing advice, etc...


No part of this license can be changed in any circumstance. Any dispute over the license terms should be handled on Belgian territory according to Belgian law.


There is no warranty for the use of the program. The author or the distributor cannot be held responsible in any case for the use or the inability of the use of the program. Neither can any claim be expressed for damages caused by the use of the program.

Other license terms

  • This package makes use of cutechess-cli. Please refer to the cutechess license terms. Please type ./cutechess-cli --version for more information;
  • This package makes use of ordo. Please refer to the ordo license terms. Please type ./ordo --license for more information;
  • This package makes use of doxygen. Please refer to the doxygen license terms. Please type doxygen --help | head -n 2 for more information.

Thanks to

  • Talkchess Archimedes for the android build of 2.0.8 and 2.1.1;
  • Talkchess Guenther, H G Muller, Ian Kennedy, jefk, Marcel Vanthoor, Graham Banks, Dann Corbit, for testing and/or feedback;
  • Gabor Szots for his testing and feedback and the excellent CCRL list;
  • Sven Schüle for his analysis of the 2.1.2 code;
  • Ilari Pihlajisto and Arto Jonsson for the excellent cutechess-cli;
  • Miguel A. Ballicora for his excellent tool Ordo;
  • Norbert Raimund Leisner for his analysis and comments on the website;
  • Roland Chastain for his help on integrating cutechess-cli and tests on the windows compile of version 0.9.6;
  • Talkchess tmokonen for his analysis on match against Chad's chess;
  • T. Poppins for his compile of version 0.9.3;
  • Guenther Simon for his compile of version 0.9.0;
  • Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan for his function strtok_r;
  • Roland Marquis for providing Windows and linux compile of version 0.2.8;
  • Emmanuel Heider for providing a compile for Solaris and HPUX;
  • ... all other people I forgot to include in this list ...

A special thanks to

Richard Stallman for his work on GNU in general and his vision on free software.